Grade 4 entrepreneurs

Last week, our Grade 4 students held a marketplace as part of the summative task for their Unit of Inquiry ‘We are entrepreneurs” This unit has focused on developing financial literacy, communication and language skills.

Leading up to these days, students had to develop a concept for their marketplace stall and identify a cause they have learned about this year that they could donate the profits to. They developed their ideas, got feedback from peers and then moved on to developing their marketing and advertising strategies. Our Senior School start-up business, ‘Prem coffee’ shared the process of their business development as well as things that had gone well, or not so well, along the way. 

Grade 4 students demonstrated great teamwork and communication skills in working together to develop their concept and organise all the bits and pieces they needed for their stalls. (With a few helping hands from some lovely Mummies and Daddies too!) Over the three days,  students reflected on what had gone well and how they could improve their market stall for the next day. They reflected on the skills they applied in running the stall each day and also considered other important concepts they should focus on more in the future.

Students have now completed their double entry bookkeeping and have calculated that they have raised just under 16,000 THB for their chosen causes of Baan Dek, Hand to Paw and Numpon Orphanage House.

A big thank you to all the JS families that supported this project and to all the Grade 4 families for helping their children achieve this success.

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