Grade 4 campers taking action

Last week 21 excited and nervous children said goodbye to their families champing at the bit ready to participate in our Grade 4 camp.

The two-day camp focused on ‘Adventure’ and ‘Service’ with all the activities and experiences on and off campus designed to extend and challenge our students in fun and engaging ways.

On the ‘Adventure’ day, the campers participated in a myriad of activities here on campus including fire making and the climbing wall. After a busy day, the children cooked their own dinner in the cooking school and had loads of fun toasting marshmallows on their campfire before settling down for the night in their tents.

On the ‘Service’ day, the campers set off to learn more about two local organisations that take action to help others. They visited the Prosthesis centre and shared the aluminium ring pulls they had been collecting that will now be recycled and be used to help make prosthetic limbs. After that, the children went to a local temple where A.Amandine shared how Hand 2 Paw helps look after dogs in our local community.

Here are some quotes from the children with highlights of their camping experience.

“I think that the climbing wall was fun and also sharing snacks with all the girls. Making a fire with A. Cash was so much fun we also made bread sticks and cooked it in our fire that we made. It was so much fun, I will never forget this day.”

“It was an amazing camp I went on. I loved it when I had to cook; roasting marshmallows and making roasted bread. When we had to climb I was kind of scared because I thought I was going to fall so I climbed halfway. What I didn’t like about camp is there were ants under our tents.”

“I was really proud of me to achieve the top of climbing wall even it was scary!!! I enjoyed cooking our own dinner. I loved to see the street dogs and help them. I tried to communicate with the shyest dog. I waited for her patiently and gave her some snacks. I miss her so much, also the other friendly dogs!! It was really fun!!!!!”

“It was the best time of my life.”

“Words don’t do the job, but the action does. We took action at the camp that helps people and animals.”

Grade 4 will be sharing more about their service day activities and their current Unit of Inquiry in their assembly on Friday 30 November. We hope you can join us to hear what action they will now take with their learning.

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