Grade 4 Camp @ Prem

The first thing we did was put up our tents, it was extremely fun even though there were a few mix ups with the tents and the tent poles. Lots of people enjoyed tent making, there were definitely some people they were better than others at making the tent. After we finished setting up our tents we all went to the cooking school to make dinner, it was a very delicious menu we all did a really good job at making dinner it turned out yummy but a bit spicy with the green curry but overall it was amazing!!!The most liked activity out of all the Grade 4 students was night games it was the highlight of camp for most people we were couldn't stop laughing at the end and ended up going to bed later than we were supposed to.

On Thursday morning, we all set off for breakfast it was like we were at a hotel it was lovely. After we finished we all got in our groups for raft building and rock climbing. Everyone loved these activities lots of people especially the boys they said that when you're coming down from the climbing wall you should sing the James Bond theme song which made it less scary if you were afraid of heights.We all felt very tired afterwards.When camp finished everyone wanted to camp for another day so we obviously really enjoyed but it was an amazing experience!

Summer Thomas



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