Grade 3 Sculpture

To complete their unit on Body Systems in art, the Grade 3 students have created a whimsical sculpture. The students worked in groups to plan a sided figure, one male, and one female. Each group then divided themselves to plan facial features and clothing. Before finishing the groups observed how their figures were developing and what changes they might need to make. To finalise their work, the students gave their figures a name. Meet Nicole and David Black Beard.

This is David Black Beard. He is from Central Australia and is 250 years old. His favorite subjects are Math and PE. David likes to rock climb, do some mining and he is really good a Dabs.

Boys Team: Ben, Ben Ben, Cha, Dallas, Ding Ding, Jules, Jun, Kelvin, Pen Neung, Terry, Tom B., Tom C., Win

This is Nicole. She is English, Hawaiian, and Canadian. Nicole is 11 years old. She loves Hip Hop and Sing. 

Girls Team: Annabelle, Banhita, Benjamin, Iris, KK, Kate, Kyoka, Matthew, Moqing, Sandee, Sanna, Reese

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