Grade 3 Camp

On Friday 29th January, Grade 3 enjoyed an exciting overnight camp experience. We visited the Sangob Foundation and participated in a Great Sustainability Race. The challenges were all connected to living sustainably and our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit. During lunch we learned how to speak a few words in the Karen language. We learned how to say phrases like, "Hello" "Goodbye" and "Thank you" in preparation for our visit to a Karen Village nearby.

We journeyed up higher into the mountains and into the Karen Village. We learned how to weave clothing and about the Karen people’s traditional way of life (linked to our ‘Where We are in Time and Place unit). We had to walk up a steep hill to get to the village. Once we arrived at the Karen home, we learned that everyone in the village learns how to weave at a very young age. People learn how to weave to make their own clothes as well as scarves and bags to sell. However, it is mainly the women of the village that do the weaving. We also had the chance to try it ourselves. Many of the Grade 3 students purchased these goods at the village. The scarves were a big hit and were worn at night to keep warm in the cold weather.

The busy day led to a few very tired children sleeping on the way back to Prem. Then it was time to walk up to the Prem Farm to make our own pizzas for dinner. Dinner was followed by a game of ‘Splat’, and a campfire for marshmallow roasting with A.Anita and A.Mark. 

With iPads in hand, we took to the Buffalo Field for stargazing (tied to our ‘How the World Work’s unit). Using the 'Sky Guide' app, we searched the sky for different constellations. A.Robert, from the V.S.P told us the stories of the constellations. We learned the story of Orion, his enemy the Scorpion, and many more!

Then it was bedtime, but not before playing games, reading books and chatting about the day. Rising early, we saw the alignment of the planets overhead, had a scrumptious breakfast and were greeted by our parents, ready to hear all about our wonderful adventures. 

Our very first overnight school camp was a great success and something we will remember for the rest of our lives.


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