Grade 3 - 6 Boarders go to Chai Lai Orchid

In boarding we have rigorous weekend activites and programmes which include, sports activities, study club and off campus trips. Last weekend, one of those trips was a visit to the Chai Lai Orchid for grades 3-6. The Chai Lai Orchid is a resort and business that ‘promotes sustainable tourism’. This includes rescuing elephants from a nearby camp. Our youngest boarders spent the afternoon with these elephants; bathing them, feeding them and playing with them.

At first our boarders were a bit anxious and wary of the gentle beasts. However, once they saw that no harm would come to them they grew in confidence and were soon having a thoroughly good time – getting wet, having fun and sitting on the elephants backs. A. Rosie, a previous boarding mentor who still lives in Chiang Mai, helped in giving them lots of encouragement and edification. After drying off for a bit in the sun, the group had a bite to eat at the local restaurant before returning home to boarding. This is just one of the many experiences our boarders have. We hope they continue to grow, learn and enjoy the opportunities provided for them here at Prem.

Written by Ajarn Jess

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