Grade 3/4 Bio Blitz!

It was a glorious afternoon for the G3/4 bio blitz. The weather was warm and bright; the students were active and curious. We visited the golfing range where we explored the life forms in water, fields, farmland and beyond the pathways. Students worked in small groups to find samples, draw observations, write labels and start to map out where certain life forms exist on campus. Together, as a whole group, we created a huge map including a compass rose, legend, clear titles and labels, and added our biodiversity findings. How proud we were to see our final outcome! Next steps back in class: the students will consider the biodiversity of the fantasy worlds they create and consider how the main character of their memoir will journey through their fantasy world, making discoveries, facing challenges and forming new understandings along the way.
Exciting times ahead!

Charlotte Hankin

Grade 3/4 Teacher

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