Grade 2: Reflection and Action

The Grade 2s have been working very hard through online learning and reflected on how hard covid and the lockdown has been. They connected this to their unit on Child Rights and how covid had taken away a few of their rights like their right to rest and play (since they felt there were higher levels of stress), their right to health (physical and mental), their right to friends (from being isolated) and their right to education (not being able to learn at school). They decided to take action and make a difference for the Prem students by using their other unit on Illustrations.  Each child picked a right they wanted to help instill and create a project using their own illustrations.  Some chose to make a website with activities to stay entertained, make picture books to educate others on various topics, make comic books so students could balance their mental health or make a cookbook to teach students how to make healthy recipes.
Please take a look at these incredible creations and I hope this helps to reinstill some of your during these challenging times.  Here is the link to their work

Katrina Brailsford

Grade 2 teacher

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