Grade 2 Collaborative Artwork!

Grade 2 artists have recently finished a mixed media collaborative artwork and they would like to share their artwork as well as their creative process with our community!

During the first unit of inquiry students explored who they are and what shapes our identity. They were visited by an artist in residency named Timothy Nouzak. Timothy is an Austrian-American choreographer who introduced students to sound and movement. Continuing on the discussion of sound and movement, in art class we listened to various soundscapes and danced with our paintbrushes on large paper to create abstract paintings!


Grade 2 students listening to soundscapes and painting to the beat!

Students then explored the difference between movement and a position. We danced to the soundscapes as classmates drew the movements of the dancers. Students developed drawing techniques to show body movements. The drawings were then layered on top of our abstract paintings.

Students worked together and took turns dancing and drawing movements!

As we continued to reflect on who we are and how our surroundings shape who we are, Grade 2 considered their daily surroundings such as their home, classroom, cafeteria, library, gym, etc. Students used oil pastels and paint markers to draw places that shape who they are on top of our drawings and paintings. As they continued their process, their artwork began to show who Grade 2 students are! The artwork is full of movement, spaces, and vibrant colours.


Students add drawings of their surroundings using oil pastel and paint markers. 

We had so much fun collaborating and creating throughout this unit! This mixed media collaborative artwork will be on display in the coming weeks in the Junior School, so please stop by to see the amazing pieces!

Let’s ask the artists about their artwork:

“We worked very hard to do it and we first coloured it with different coloured of paint and listened to different sounds. We then draw people, we stick it on the paper and then we draw maps! I am very happy about the artwork!” – Dora, Grade 2 

“It was really fun and I didn’t need to stay in my own space on the artwork, I could go anywhere” – Floor, Grade 2 

“I really liked creating movement and I tried my best!” – Melody, Grade 2 

“It looks like a giant community” – Thea, Grade 2 


Kelly-Ann Fahey,

Whole School Art Teacher














Students worked together and took turns dancing and drawing movements!

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