Grade 12 students have been anxiously waiting

During term three most Grade 12 students have been anxiously waiting to hear the results of their university applications. For many, their decisions are starting to arrive but others, with a much later application deadline, are still waiting nervously.

One benefit of studying the IBDP or IBCP is that students have the opportunity to apply to a very diverse range of courses, in many countries around the world. This year has been no exception. Prem students have continued to choose courses reflecting their interests. Several have also chosen these based on the opportunities they hope will be available to them in that country after they have graduated. Countries the students have applied and been accepted to include the UK, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Korea.

This year students are interested in a wide range of undergraduate programmes. These include Economics, Business Management and related courses such as Marketing and Entrepreneurship. For others, there is a focus on science including Biochemistry, Environmental Science, and Food Science. As many Prem students have a strong Arts focus they have chosen college courses such as Music and Sound Recording, Architecture, Interior Design, and Illustration. Other students have chosen to focus on a humanities route and applied for International Relations, Geography and Psychology.

As the grade 12 students approach the last term it is pleasing to know that they are starting to realise their dreams as they move forward.

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