Grade 12 CAS Student Profile

Over the course of this term, we are going to showcase our Grade 12 students and their CAS journeys. This week’s student is Lilly.

Grade 12 CAS Student Profile
This week: Lilly
Involved in 18 CAS activities

Excerpts taken from Lilly’s summary reflections:

Creativity, Action and Service- the three areas based on which we had to carry out our activities every week aimed to provide a wholesome education to the students. With that understood, with a CAS Booklet in hand that explained, in detail, its requirements and learning outcomes that must be achieved, and with a list of School Exploria activities presented in front of me, I thus began my CAS journey. Reading the criteria for each CAS area and selecting the activities that not only appealed to my interests but also fulfilled those criteria was one big job for me that day. Having that done, the next thing was the paperwork! 

The reflection part really helped me record my progress and development throughout the activity period. The CAS activities created a pathway for me to explore great opportunities and helped me broaden my perspectives and learn better. CAS gave me a platform to take initiatives and start my own activities as well. 

Among all these beautiful achievements, the best one, however, shall always be my love for basketball. I had half-heartedly decided to try the sport for the first time after I found nothing to fit into my Action activity for CAS. But looking back to that day now, I feel proud for taking that path. 

It was all because of CAS that I was able to come out of my comfort zone and try something new, which totally proved worthwhile. I do not remember any other better success stories than the ones CAS has given me. No words can thus describe my gratitude to the CAS programme for the many ways that it has made me a better version of myself. I continue to stay dedicated to my activities and be consistent with my reflections, because again, that is what CAS vigilantly taught me to love. 

CAS in Grade 12 seemed a little challenging to me as I initially struggled (but finally managed) to balance my academics and activities side by side. 

I have developed many new skills and knowledge, and also increased my existing strengths. I enjoyed learning new skills and making new friends while undertaking new challenges. I owe my open-mindedness and risk-taking traits to CAS and the IBDP in general because I was not afraid to try something new. All in all, I really enjoyed the time I had and will miss every bit of CAS. It was a way for me to relieve myself of some stress and an opportunity for me to learn to balance life better. I am very grateful to IBDP for this experience. 
Thank you, Lilly! 
Tune in next week for our next Grade 12 CAS student profile!

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