Grade 12 CAS Student Profile: Qinyu (Steven) Hai

Involved in 22 CAS activities

Excerpts are taken from Steven’s summary reflections:

Over the grade eleven year, I participated in more than ten activities, which are all connected to an area of CAS (creativity, action, and service).

Over the year, there were some challenges because it was really hard to maintain persistence and commitment to the extracurricular activities when there is also the IBDP to worry about. There are many things that I have learned myself while teaching and aiding others. By doing this I have developed new skills such as interactive and collaborative skills. For example, by doing the collaboration activity, I not only showed leadership but from that I gained the confidence to speak to the public. I have also learned about issues that are happening globally, which indirectly affect me.

My favorite activities were the service activities because I felt that I was actually doing something that would help others and the community’s well-being.

Overall I feel that CAS has helped me in ways I didn’t think about like now I care more about people around me and I am more aware of the issues that there are around us. It allowed me to interact with others and to be organized. I have also developed many new skills.

Over the grade 12 year, I participated in more than ten activities, which are connected to all three areas of CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service). Grade 12 is a challenging year because it is when all the internal assessments, extended essay, and other major assignments are due. It was really hard to find a balance between my academics and CAS. However, I remained committed to CAS and have successfully completed my CAS program.

One thing I really enjoyed about CAS is that it helped me with reducing stress. Each activity was something I wanted to do outside of school, which helped me with my wellbeing. Some people would see CAS as a source of stress but in reality, there is no stress as long as you enjoy doing your activity.

I chose my activities wisely and loved participating in all of them. There may have been somewhere I struggled due to time management but overall I find CAS fun rather than complicated.

I have realized that in order to be successful in any sport or any activity I need to really be dedicated and be committed to the activity.

I have increased awareness of my leadership skills and my ability to lead and communicate with my teammates to develop ideas and future innovative plans.

This year I have been participating in many unfamiliar activities. This was the first time for me to join football and volleyball and therefore, it was really challenging for me to improve on the sports, as I was unfamiliar with the rules and techniques. However, it has taught me that I should always try new things to find out my strengths and weaknesses.

The CAS program has helped me develop a wide range of knowledge and experiences that I could never have experienced if I hadn't done CAS. Overall the two-year CAS program has helped me and shaped me as the person I am today – a multicultural, open-minded individual.


Thank you, Steven!

Tune in next week for our next Grade 12 CAS student profile!

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