Grade 11 IBDP Visual Artists make excellent start to their journey!

Ajarn Liz has shared some of the wonderful work the Grade 11 IBDP Visual Artists have made during the first part of their course. The IBDP is rather like a journey and the Visual Arts course in particular can be seen as such. These students have made a great start to their journey towards their summative exhibition in Grade 12.
Ajarn Liz is excited by the thoughtful and impactful responses this class has made.
“This is some of the amazing work the G11 IBDP visual arts students made in response to the provocation “The Road to…”. The project was designed to be an open ended task that would help us unpack the criteria for the process portfolio while giving the class a curatorial experience.”
Ajarn Liz
CL Arts
You can explore some of the students works through the links HEREHEREHERE, and HERE,
Our thanks to Ajarn Liz for sharing her students work, and thank you to the students for being such reflective, and creative thinkers.


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