Grade 11 IBCP Leadership Camp

Leaders have certainly been put to the test during covid times, with a new leadership style emerging of Adaptive Leadership. It is so important and necessary to learn how to process large amounts of information quickly, be empathetic, consider multiple perspectives and make responsible decisions quickly. We are setting our young people up for these positions, yet how much training does anyone get to practise these skills and develop them?
One of Prem’s unique selling points is that it offers multiple pathways for our Grade 11 and 12 students. One of those pathways is the IB Career-related Programme (CP). It is a personalised programme that combines the academic rigour of the DP with the more focused and practical application of skills through a career-focused area. Prem partners with two universities to offer the career-focused area; SCAD and SUMAS. SCAD specialises in the Creative Arts and SUMAS specialises in Business & Sustainability.
During Term 1 our Grade 11 CP SUMAS Business & Sustainability students have been taking part in a Leadership Camp. This has taken them out of the classroom and they have enjoyed our beautiful campus; utilising the climbing wall to develop team working and communication skills, as well as the VSP Salas to play games to develop trust and empathy. They had to think about the collective rather than the individual through a sustainable role play game called Tragedy of the Common.
Our students have learnt so much about themselves throughout the Leadership Camp. They conducted a SWOT analysis on themselves, carried out a personality test, asked for personal feedback from friends and parents, and assessed their leadership qualities and potential. Although the camp is coming to an end this is just the beginning for our future leaders.
If you would like to know more about the IBCP at Prem please contact Lisa McSweeney, the CP Coordinator, via email
Lisa McSweeney

Career-related Programme Coordinator

CAS / Service Learning Coordinator

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