Grade 11 English Language and Literature having fun with the Bard

What do you get when you mix three witches, some assorted tartans, a dagger or two, a ghost, a crown and a bunch of Grade 11 English students?

You get a modern version of “Macbeth,” of course.

Shakespeare is alive and well at Prem, even down to the female roles played by young men, and fake blood sprinkled whenever a murder takes place (and there are rather a lot of murders in this play!)

Students enjoyed dressing up with scarves and a few suitable props, and enacting a somewhat shortened “highlights” version of the famous play, to help their understanding of the plot and the key characters.

Following this shortened ‘once-over-lightly’ session, we were fortunate to have time with the well-known actor Miltos Yerolemou who helped Shakespeare’s words come alive – from the page to the stage.

We study this play as part of their Individual Oral Commentaries, coming up later in term 4. There is no doubt that if any of these students select an extract from “Macbeth”, they will certainly know what happens in this play.

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