Grade 11 & 12 Orientation

August 17th marked the start of the school year, but more importantly for the Grade 11 and 12 students it was the beginning of their final years of school or their Diploma/CP courses. To get the group together and create a community between the two grade levels a two-day orientation was put in place. Students were provided the opportunity to get to know each other, especially important for the new Grade 11 students.  The students developed some organizational skills,  good working practices and interacted with each other in a non-formal setting. 

Some of the graduating class of 2016 returned to impart their knowledge to the new students and give them some pertinent advice, mostly relating to students listening to advice from the teachers and to work hard from day one. Team building activities got students to work together to develop a survival kit as the result of a fictitious plane class, Grade 12 worked on developing a legacy as a constant reminder of their time at Prem and Grade 11 students learned about the Diploma Programme in a paper scavenger hunt. Students and staff got together for a buffet breakfast at the Krapood restaurant giving valuable time for meaningful interactions outside the classroom. 

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