Grade 10 Subject Selection Evening (December 2016)

On December 13 Grade 10 students and parents came together to select their subjects for next year's Grade 11 Diploma Programme and Careers Related Programme subject selections.  These selections will be the course they will focus on for the next two years in their high school experience, and therefore the decisions and processes in making those choices were taken very seriously by all.  

The students spent time with the teachers, coordinators, and college and careers counselor to learn more about their courses and options, and worked to better understand how the selections were connected to their future aspirations.  It was great to see many parents of our boarding students also able to attend the event, as well as watch other boarders communicate with parents via skype, or have the help of the boarding mentors or older siblings in the decision process.  There was a positive, excited buzz in the room as everyone worked together to make the process supportive and directed. 

The next steps are for teachers and the coordinators to review the decisions, meet with parents and students separately, and finalize the selections at the beginning of the next term. 

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