Grade 10: IB Options

Our Grade 10s have been getting a comprehensive introduction to the IB Diploma ahead of their decision-making at the end of this month. Last week, they were engrossed in two exciting days of DP-CP Taster lessons where they experienced some of the skills and challenges of the courses they are interested in taking. Last Wednesday, this was followed up with a formal DP Options Night where G10 students and parents were given overview presentations by  A. Rick (DP), A. Lisa (CP) and A. Dawn (College counseling). The evening culminated in an Educational Fair in the Auditorium where students and parents could speak with representatives from each subject. Teachers will continue to promote their subjects in the next two weeks which will culminate in the Grade 10s making their final choices. The future is looking clearer for our Grade 10s!

Ajarn Rick Spadafora, 

Assistant Head of School, IBDP Coordinator

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