Grade 10 English LA: FIlm Reviews

As part of their current unit of study, “Why Does Film Matter?”, Grade 10 English Language Acquisition students are going through the process of writing original film reviews.
First, students read an example film review and answered comprehension questions to understand the types of ideas which were included in this genre of writing. They also learned specific vocabulary, including adjectives to describe films.
In order to focus on the organization of film reviews, students reconstructed model film reviews which had been cut up by the teacher. After assembling the models, students had to identify the main ideas of each paragraph, using a template for guidance. They presented the reconstructed models to their peers.
Finally, students filled in a graphic organizer in which they identified specific ideas from a movie they chose for their original film reviews. The process of working with multiple exemplars will hopefully be beneficial to students when they write their own.
We look forward to reading the students’ own film reviews shortly!

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