Grade 10 and 11: Theatre That Binds

On Wednesday evening we were fortunate to be invited to watch drama pieces that were the result of a 3 day expedition to Omkoi, home to a Karen hill tribe. Grade 10 and 11 students were lucky enough to be embedded on a trip that was organised by Chiang Mai University Fine Arts. Their bigger community project was called ‘Theatre That Binds’ and was designed to bring theatre to the community and allow the tribe’s children to create their own pieces of theatre. Our mission was slightly different. Our students worked in tandem with the CMU students to teach and lead workshops and also take part in the productions but we were also fascinated to learn about the Karen hill tribe.
We were also enthralled by Gabe’s solo performance that was part of his IBDP Theatre course. It was a powerful piece focusing on the issue of school shootings in the US.  His writing, direction and skillful acting made this a thought provoking and un-nerving piece of theatre.
The event was truly inspiring and we would like to thank the students who took part in the performances, Gabe, Zeni, Steve, Caitlin and Srinithi.

Read the flip book here:

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