Grade 1 Learn about Safety

This term the Grade 1 students have been learning about how we can stay safe and have identified people in our community who can help us stay safe. We have been very lucky to have three guest speakers visit our classroom. Two of the guest speakers were Nurse Rung and Nurse Gai, who work in the health center. They taught us basic first aid and showed us the tools they use when people are hurt or sick.

Our third guest speaker was Dr Raksa. Dr Rasksa is a general practitioner at Chiang Mai Ram Hospital. When she visited our classroom, she told us why some people need to go to the doctor and demonstrated some of the tests she does to assess what might be wrong with them. All the Grade 1 students got to hear their own heart beat and many had their reflexes tested. Dr Raksa was able to answer all of our questions and provided us with some excellent tips on staying healthy.

On Thursday 11 September, we visited the Mae Rim Fire Station to learn about the role of firefighters. The firefighters were very knowledgeable and were able to show us many things. When showing us a fire truck we saw most of the equipment that they use when they put out fires. Some of our favourite things were the large hose and fire extinguishers. They also showed us an ambulance that is used to take people to hospital. While we were looking at an ambulance they showed us the stretcher and bed that they use to keep people safe and still in the ambulance. They also showed us how to bandage a broken arm and how to apply a bandage if we hurt our leg.

We have really enjoyed meeting all these people who help keep us safe!

Laura Welyhorskyj

Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher

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