Grade 1 at the Farm

Over the past two weeks, Grade 1 have worked with the farm staff exploring structures as part of their Unit of Inquiry.

Here are some of their reflections…

When Grade 1 went to the farm on 11 November, we made mud bricks. We used hay, water, and mud to make them. When you mix them together it feels squishy. When the mud bricks dry, you can build a house. Joanna

I liked to build shelters at the camp fire. I liked to learn how to make them out of bamboo in the forest. I liked it when it rained. I like it when the storm came. Army and Emi

I liked to build a house because it was so fun. When I was in the house, the teacher tested it with water and that was so fun. Makoto

Grade 1 went to the farm. We got mud on our nails. We made mud bricks out of water, hay and mud. It was so fun! Charlotte

We went to the campfire on 15 November and on that day we wore our house colours and we used teamwork. A. Scott and A. Maytha sprayed water on us. Se-Eun

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