Gr 5 Skype with Author Kathy Hoopmann

On Wednesday 5 October, Grade 5 had an exciting talk and reading via Skype from author Kathy Hoopmann. 

Kathy, originally from Australia, was a Primary School Teacher who has worked with many children with Asperger Syndrome. She is most famous for her book, All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, which is written with simplicity and charm and provides valuable insight into the world of an Asperger's child. She also has many other stories such as All Dogs Have ADHD and is working on a new one All Birds Have Anxiety. 

After reading the story, All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, Kathy then answered many of the intelligently presented questions from our students, such as "What is your writing process?" and "Who inspires you as a writer?" She talked about how she had to view her writing as a full-time job, where she woke early and sat down at her desk every day until she had the finished her book. This required determination and grit. She also doesn't let anyone critique her work until the first draft is finished. 

Very inspiring words for our future writers at Prem!

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