Gr 4 working with Artist in Residence Jordana Golbourn

Prem’s programme Artist Residency Thailand is delighted to be working in partnership with the London Theatre of the Year, the Almeida. Jordana Golbourn is the Almeida Academy Director and is here at Prem working with both Junior and Senior school students. At the heart of this project are a series of daily workshops with our Grade 4 students, exploring what it’s like to be a young person in a world managed and ruled by adults. Coming from the point of view of our students, the workshops are exploring how students would do things differently if they were in charge of the planet, as well as investigating the areas of life where children simply have a better grasp of what’s important when compared to their adult counterparts.
The process and techniques being explored and developed in this residency will inform and shape project work, that will be rolled out across schools in the UK. Here at Prem, we are very proud to be partnering in this type of research work, having both our school and our programme recognised in such a way.
We will be sharing some of their findings and challenging our parents and community to consider what children might ‘know best’, as part of the rich and diverse activities in our literacy week.
Come and join us at 10.15am at the Prem auditorium on Wednesday 28 Feb for a sharing of their discoveries.

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