GO Green, GO Local!

One more day until World Cleanup Day, Sept. 15th, 2018 kicks off!’ The outpouring of support has been great, with many people signing up to join us.’

Our local gardeners have contributed by making trash-picking tongs out of bamboo, they are both innovative and cool; this is a great GREEN way to use natural materials to aid in our quest!

If you have already signed up to join our crew, here are some important reminders:

  • Minivans x4 have been arranged to meet students/parents/teachers behind the PREM cafeteria at 12:45pm, please be on time so we can leave at 1pm
  • Minivans will return to the PREM cafeteria parking around 3 pm, but please keep in mind we may run a bit late; our priority is to HELP CLEANUP! and that’s what we intend to do!
  • Rubber gloves/bamboo tongs/bamboo pokers/trash bags will be provided; we should have enough materials for all, however, if you want to contribute by bringing your own gardening gloves/equipment, feel free; every little helps!

And don’t forget to download the MapIt App! to check out the social platform and see where others in your area are getting involved; together we can make this a historical event, across the globe! ?

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