Glorious Golf at Prem!

Our son Chinda has loved Golf ever since he became a student at Prem Tinsulanonda International School. The Prem Golf Centre instils a strong foundation for anyone who aspires to be a Golfer. With tailored training plans and skill training as per the student’s requirement. We are so glad to be a part of the best International School in Chiang Mai, with the best teachers and the best Coach!
Daniel & Jun (Chinda’s Parents)


Chinda began his Golf journey at Prem International School’s Golf Exploria beginners program where he progressed quickly to our High-Performance Private Programme! He showed great promise immediately and had the unwavering support of his parents (Daniel & Jun). Chinda’s success in Golf Tournaments is a direct reflection of the tireless hours he has spent perfecting his game at The Prem Golf Centre and the frequent visits to the Championship Golf course.  And it has been a pleasure spending every minute with Chinda as we continue to work towards bigger & brighter goals in his journey as a Golfer.

Chinda has received massive praise on the very prestigious Thai Federation Golf  Tours for his accolades, being placed inside the top 3 in every Golf Tournament, many of which he finished as Champion. I am incredibly proud to see him going from strength to strength! He is always so happy and proud to sport his Prem Golf shirt in every prize distribution and loves to mention (with great pride), how he is a student at Prem International School.

Chinda has always exceeded my expectations and is a true winner both on and off the Golf course carrying himself like a true gentleman. I look forward to seeing his golfing achievements develop further as we work towards the future.  He is, without doubt, the face of Prem Junior Golf and an inspiration to budding talents.



To find out more about the Prem Golf Centre please CLICK HERE or contact Coach Sid directly HERE


Siddharth (Sid) Nag.

Director of Golf Centre, Head of Earth House

Boarding Parent



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