Global Citizenship

“Citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong” – Charles Handy

Our Prem Senior School students are to be congratulated and celebrated for actively and consciously trying to make a positive difference in their community by “thinking globally, acting locally”. Often working in groups, they identify a social issue affecting many many people in many places and then work hard to deliver helpful actions that positively help people right here in our local or regional communities. Many students from different grades constantly strive to be service leaders in our community, thereby demonstrating excellent global citizenship mindsets. 

Prem promotes a global citizenship ideal within our diverse multicultural community, for all individuals – students, staff and families. Our Prem community believe that, Global Citizenship embodies a life lived sustainably and with cultural sensitivity. It manifests itself in caring and open-minded students who respect and embrace diversity and difference; global citizenship necessitates taking action that results in a more sustainable, equitable and peaceful world.” (

This description truly comes to life in, around, and outside of Prem’s campus through the actions and attitudes of students who embrace a desire and commitment to be global citizens. Let’s explore what this might look like. Students can demonstrate global citizenship actions by:

  • Engaging in community service: Students who engage in community service projects focused on global issues such as poverty, hunger, and climate change show their commitment to being global citizens.
  • Advocating for human rights: Students who advocate for human rights through campaigns and protests raise awareness about global issues such as the refugee crisis, child labor, and human trafficking.
  • Supporting global or local charities: Students who support global charities such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Red Cross through fundraising and donations help make a positive impact on the world. 
  • Participating in international or cultural exchange programmes or activities: Students who participate in international exchange programs get to experience different cultures and develop a deeper understanding of global issues. 
  • Participating in Model United Nations: Students who participate in Model UN programmes learn about international relations, diplomacy, and global issues, which can help them become informed and responsible global citizens.
  • Advocating for environmental sustainability: Students who advocate for caring for our planet through awareness campaigns and habit-altering initiatives strive to make a positive impact on how humans engage with our natural environment. 

Embracing the nature of  “thinking globally, acting locally” supports students’ reflective thinking, solution-focused problem-solving, and changes perspectives through learning by giving service to others.

Through socially-responsible activities that make a difference where they belong, individuals help nurture a greater sense of community. And by doing so, treasured memories are created through active learning, enjoyable connections with other people or places, and through shared community events that can be engaging and meaningful. 

Senior School students demonstrate excellent citizenship by giving their time and energy through active involvement in projects and service that truly make a positive difference in local communities and beyond. Just some of these include: Hand-to-Paw; Precious Plastics; Operation Smile; Food-bank charity drive; Eco-committee & our Green Flag achievement; the Period Project; and just this week, our students and staff supporting earthquake relief fundraising and solidarity for people severely impacted by disasters in Turkey and Syria. 

Additionally, our IB Career-related Programme students enhance their entrepreneurial skills when they run their Koze Cafe business every Wednesday morning on one of the Senior School balconies. We are also excited about introducing MYP Community Project in Grade 8 and the positive difference it can make to others as well as the learning development of Prem students. This collaborative, service project will encourage our Middle School students to consider ways that they can help other people in their community in a meaningful way. Thinking about actions, planning how they help others, and reflecting on the impact their actions have will be a process that truly demonstrates the caring heart of our Prem community.

Overall, we simply must celebrate the abundance of evidence that students in our Senior School frequently demonstrate global citizenship actions by engaging in various activities that promote cultural awareness, social responsibility, and global sustainability. We are so very proud of their community leadership and the quality of responsibility they display through such actions and attitudes which inspire others to make a difference to the place where they belong.



Shaun Hudson

Senior School Principal

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