Global Citizenship: Bringing the World into the Classroom

The Grade 10 and Grade 5 Classes had a special opportunity on 10 September to speak with prominent refugee lawyer and activist, Hoi Trinh.

"Having Mr Hoi Trinh talk to my Gr 10 Individuals & Societies class gave the students an opportunity to connect the concept of human rights with the realities of today's world.  He was an eloquent speaker and a great example of a global citizen: something we desire all of our students to become.  His international-mindedness was also clear and I know the students enjoyed having him answer their individual questions."

Donal O’Connell
Senior School Geography Teacher

Students prepared questions about refugees and human rights that Hoi addressed in class with a lively discussion. He was impressed by the students’ knowledge, inquisitiveness and ability to relate global issues to their own lives. During and after the classes, students were brimming with inspiration to be change agents with meaningful professional lives. Some asked each other about their own origins and histories. Hoi also gave a video interview to Grade 12 students for a student-led video production.

Trinh Hoi was born in 1970 in Saigon. At the age of 15, he left Vietnam and went to Australia as a refugee. Trinh Hoi graduated with combined degrees of BA and LlB from Melbourne University Law School and served as an associate to Justice Susan Kenny on the Federal Court of Australia. After receiving the 1999 Young Australian Lawyer of the Year award, he was awarded the Chevening-Oxford Australia Scholarship to complete his master’s degree in International Refugee Laws and Policies at Oxford in 2002. Recognising dedication to community, the Sydney Olympic Organising Committee chose him to carry the Olympic flame in its final stretches to the 2000 Games. Trinh Hoi has written numerous publications and has earned international recognition for his volunteer work with the Vietnamese boat people in Southeast Asia. With his law experience, he has assisted thousands of Vietnamese to resettle from Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand. Currently based in Manila, Hoi continues to dedicate his life to responsible global citizenship.

Lara Siree Johnson MPH
Traidhos Projects and Development Manager

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