Gearing up for the Gr 5 PYP Exhibition (2017)

Grade 5 Parents and Guardians save the date for the official start of our Gr 5 PYP Exhibition.

Our Grade 5 students and teaching will be holding a parent information session to officially start our preparation for the Exhibition on Wednesday 22 February at 1:40 pm in the Grade 5 classroom.

This interactive session will serve two purposes; to inform parents and guardians about the Exhibition and also to kick start the Exhibition process with 25 very excited students.

Ajarn Paddy will lead the students and parents through a series of activities to learn more about the Exhibition process and what the final product may look like for our students this year. Children will brainstorm their passions and interests and inquire into how this could connect to the transdisciplinary theme of 'Sharing the planet'. 

Talk with your child about issues in our local Chiang Mai area. Ask them "What is something you they feel passionate about?" "What action can you take to bring awareness to this or make things better?" 

We look forward to seeing the exciting learning that will take place with our Grade 5 students this year. Watch out in the Rolling News over the next few months for updates.

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