Fun & Games in Grade 8

Fun and games! Grade 8 Design students successfully tested original board games they collaboratively designed and made with younger students in Grade 5 and EY3.  Grade 8 teams had been asked to create games that bring families together. Working through the MYP Design Cycle criterion, they conducted design and market research to identify the needs of their end-users to inform their design specification and creative decisions.

Each team had free choice to select the materials and construction techniques to manufacture their games, including woodworking, CAD/CAM software, 3D printing, and graphic design software. Authentic testing and evaluation of their games could not have been done without the collaboration of younger students who shared their opinions and feedback.

We thank Grade 5 and EY3 students and teachers Ajarn Wendy, Ajarn Allison, and Ajarn Mary-Ann.

Erica Denison

TOK Coordinator

Teacher (MYP Design, Individuals and Societies, DP TOK)

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