Fun Friday

Grade 3 was asked to do a collaborative project with Grade 8.  The goal is for the Grade 8 students to make a personalised version of  Romeo and Juliet for the Grade 3s.  These two groups met and the Grade 8 ran some games to get to know the Grade 3s and their interests.  The Grade 3s gave feedback on the older students performance and we will meet back in January for the finished product.  Today, I think the Grade 8s learned a lot about organizing younger humans.

Earlier in the week a student said, “Girls can’t play sports” so I challenged him to a football match.  The whole class was so enthusiastic and showed up to cheer and/or play.  We had a great time and I was so happy to see every Grade 3 student on the field. I think will with have another match in our near future.

Finally, it was a sad day to say goodbye to A.Christina.  She has been so wonderful and helpful in Grade 3.  She will be missed greatly.  We played some games, said some kind words and gave some big hugs.  We wish A.Christina the most luck in her next teaching practice and flight back to Denmark.

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