Full Days Beginning Next Week

Dear Families:

With children settling nicely into school routine, we have begun some whole class activities.  Children learned where, when and how we do circle time as well as participated in a gross-motor activity today at the Blue Mats.

Children tend to become tired toward the end of the week (i.e. Thursday and Friday) and it is common for children to express their emotions in negative ways.  With this, please allow your child plenty of downtime and rest on the weekends so that he/she is ready for school on Mondays.

Next week, we will be starting full days.  Please be reminded that children will need to bring a small blanket, sheet and a pillow for nap time.  Children are also allowed to bring one reasonably sized attachment object.  Bedding will be sent home on Fridays to be laundered and we ask that they be brought back on Monday mornings.

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Ajarn Tammy





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