Friendship as Real Gift

Friendship contributes to psychological development, health and well-being since early childhood. Involves cooperative, caring behavior, affection and time. It means that the more time children spend with friends, the closer they become. All things they do and share with friends like playing, singing, dancing, talking, are good to the brain, as stimulates the neurotransmitters and avoid stress responses. Our boarding students participate in board and outdoors games, workshops, sessions (nutrition, team building), and activities together (Exploria or boarding visits outside), that promote a good environment and positive interactions between them. They enjoy those moments and show happy feelings about friendship, when we ask them about it. According to their own words “Being a friend is doing things each other and help each other”, is “A way of “connecting each other” or “when you play with someone”. The perfect friend is always “funny” and “kind”, “never lies to you”, “can talk about everything” or even “listens anything you want to tell”. It is someone that “is always there for helping you” and “has the same personality than you, knows everything about you and never breaks your rules”. Boarding students of cluster 10 also stated they could not accept bad behaviors in a friend or “bad words at the back” or someone “bossy”. All the students assume friendship as a responsibility and a commitment. They believe they have good friends at Prem School, that they enjoy and with whom they can learn.

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