Fresh is the best

Last week, our boarding students went to grab a bite to eat at the popular Ohkajhu Organic Farm Restaurant in Chiang Mai. If you’re looking to trying the best salads in Chiang Mai, look no further, this is your place. The salads are fresh and reasonably priced. After leaving the restaurant, borders were all pleased and requested to return back as they enjoyed coming to eat at this fine establishment. There are tons of healthy great options to choose from such as the: fruit salads and salads with various side options. 

Even better, is the fact that the portions are so big that it makes it easy to share with your family and friends. Boarders ordered a variety of salads with interesting vegetable combinations. However, many agreed that the organic strawberry salad dressing was the best. The atmosphere of this restaurant was also something students took notice of and were happy to take a few minutes to walk around and pose for pictures. What makes this restaurant remarkable is that it also houses it’s own greenhouse where many of the fresh organic fruits used in their dishes are taken from. 

In terms of food options, the restaurant offers both European recipes as well as Thai fusion inspired dishes. Everything that boarders ordered was made with the freshen ingredients and students really appreciated having the chance to have more opportunities in choosing vegetables they like. We all sat on an open-air farm style table near the restaurant’s organic garden.

As we finished our delicious meal, the restaurant staff offered us a generous bag of lettuce and vegetables as a complimentary gift. They told us they had so many vegetables at hand and wished for them not to go bad. This was a pleasant surprised and boarders were happy to take veggies back to the boarding cluster.

It was very clear that our boarding students enjoyed their food and the fresh smoothies. They also learned how the organic fruits are cultivated. The garden is set up as a remembrance to the royal grace. Joy Mourn offerings to King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama 9.

So if you’re looking for a fresh take on salads, please stop by Ohkajhu Organic Farm Restaurant. Ask any of our boarders who attended, I’m confident they would highly recommend it. 

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