Food Bank

Food Bank Prem was able to bring happy smiles onto many faces after donating to 100 staff members on campus! 

We would like to sincerely thank Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) for their support of our local community here in Chiang Mai. Due to their generous donation of 250 kg worth of surplus food, we have been able to donate to nearly 100 staff members from our school, including housekeepers, gardeners, security guards and other maintenance staff on campus. SOS’s Food Rescue Programme aims to minimise the loss of valuable food and improve our inequality through redistribution of food. Up to this date, SOS has rescued approximately 5.19 million kgs of surplus food, served 21.8 million meals to 1,000+ communities, and reduced 10,859 tons of CO2 creation if the food were wasted in landfills. We are extremely grateful to embark on this partnership with them and hope to do many more events with them! 

Food Bank Prem is an organisation founded on the basis of the idea that no one has the right to be neglected in any community and all individuals should be treated equally. We believe that in order to achieve peace and equality, we must start by taking the first steps ourselves. Our wonderful team of students work together diligently behind the scenes with support from our amazing teachers and staff (thank you!), but we need your support to make this happen! Help us reduce poverty and inequality!



Grade 10

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