Food Bank Exploria Helping our Local Community

Food Bank is a meaningfully Exploria because it provides a positive feeling to the local
community and we can donate the food donated from our Prem community to others in need. Tom

Our Food Bank Exploria is more than just an after school programme it genuinely helps our local community. It is important for our students to understand how their small actions can really impact another person’s life in a positive way. With this in mind, one of our students, Fah interviewed two members of our community that have benefited from the food donations.


Does the Food Bank Exploria help you?
Yes, it helps people in the village.

Do you think most of the staff in need at the school get food donations?
Some of our staff have received food donations.

Does the Food Bank Exploria help the people who really need it?
Yes, we saw some people who really need it receive donations.




We asked the students what they have learnt during the course of this Exploria:

I think the Food Bank Exploria is good because it is the Exploria that services other people. Fah

The Food Bank Exploria is a non-project group, we rely on food donation and we help our
local community first. Tom

We can learn that it can be difficult for others to get food so we can think about not
wasting food in future. Chloe

We feel satisfied when helping others and no there are still others who are in poverty. Andrea

Our experience is happiness because we can help others. Katy

This Exploria is good because it is a service. Beeya


A big thank you to all of the students and to Ajarn Susan for running this Exploria!

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