First week at IEP

We have had a great start to the school year at IEP. We had a fun time this week getting to know each other and making new friends.

The students have been great and have all joined in well and enjoyed the week. We did a “Happy Tunnel” which was a fun activity that brought smiles to all our faces.
The students have also been introduced to the IB leaner profile and in groups made great posters to illustrate the different IB learner traits. From what we have seen this week we have a great group of budding IB learners this year. We’ve seen lots of communication and risk-taking from a group of caring and open-minded inquirers.
Today we had some wonderful cultural exchanges and the Thai students taught their classmates some simple phrases in Thai to help them settle into their new home.
Then each cultural group Thai, Chinese and Korean prepared excellent introductions to their culture which they exchanged with the other students. This included:
  • Thai and Korean greetings and customs
  • Thai boxing and Thai dancing
  • Chinese bamboo dancing and Beijing opera
  • Korean Taekwondo
Well done to all the IEP students and teachers for such a great start to the academic year!
Parents, I’m sure that your children will be able to tell you much more about what they have done and the friends they have made.
Have a great weekend!
Ajarn Clyde

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