First Week After Holidays

It sounds like everyone has had a wonderful holiday and have come back with new, positive energy and exciting stories to share.  Grade 3 has some recent news to share ourselves…  We are very luck to welcome A.Christina to join our class for the next 5 weeks.  She is from Denmark and lucky enough to come all the way to Thailand for her student teaching. She is enthusiastic and excited to learn in our classroom environment.


Additionally, we have launched our new UOI until on plastic and sustainability.  Right now we are beginning our inquiry cycle by solidifying what we know and sharing our current understandings.  In this activity the students were given many different types of materials and asked to order them from most harmful to least harmful to the environment.  The students had to communicate and agree on their order and justifications.  We used this as a jumping point to start a scientific experiment by taking these materials and placing them in the water to see what happens.  The students developed questions, did research on experiments previously done and today we developed a hypothesis and study.  I look forward to what we will learn from it.


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