First Jam Session

With three music-loving teachers (Ajarn Juan, Ajarn Mtheto and Ajarn Elena) joining our boarding community this year, we were thrilled to have our very first Jamming Session last Sunday evening. The main idea of the jamming sessions is to provide a platform for all boarders and teachers to express themselves through music, words, and dance. The performances are including, but not limited to poetry, music, singing, dancing and rapping.

Some boarders cherish the chance to perform and totally enjoyed their own stage time. We hope this will encourage other students to use their voice. Three G12 boarders read out a poem translated from English into Chinese and Korean. One Japanese boarder did a cover for a famous rap song. And another boarder, who has her own Youtube channel, sang.

Our talented boarding teachers joined the performance as well. Ajarn Mtheto did a rap song called Friendly Gestures and recited a poem Heart Beat Melodies. During this time Ajarn Juan was busy with the keyboard! Ajarn Talia and Ajarn Marta from VSP also joined us and performed at the event.    

If you would like to join us for these events, please contact Ajarn Juan, who will give you information on the next Jamming Session Sunday in the boarding lounge.

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