First Day of Grade 3

It has been such a great first day with so many smiles and laughs.  We were risk takers with silly games, demonstrated kindness with our new students and got comfortable in our new class environment.  Our first day was all about fun and positivity which gave me an opportunity to get to know each student.  For the rest of the week we will start to dive into classroom rules with our Essential Agreements and our classroom government (the students will decide what is needed to make a successful classroom).  I look forward to all the exciting things we will learn and experience throughout this year!

  A few housekeeping things: 

I will send out an email to each parent with our welcome letter.  Please contact me at if you did not receive it and I will add your new email to the parent email list.  This is usually how I will contact you individually for information about your child.

Also, I will send out a message to the Grade 3 Line Group through our Class Ambassador, Ian.  Please get in contact him if you would like to join the Line group and are not apart of it already.  This is usually used for night before reminders such as “remember that swimming is tomorrow” or “remember to bring your water bottle for our field trip”.

Finally, I will write weekly blog posts on the exciting things that will be happening in Grade 3.  It will include unit flyers and often pictures from the day.


Here is our unit letter for the next 6 weeks.  It explains our focus for math, LA and UOI.  Who We Are Unit Flyer 2018

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