Fire! Emergency!

This morning you may have been alarmed if you were passing the farm, to see that there was a gas tank on fire and several fire people in their orange suits attending. There was no need for evacuation  however, as the fire was a controlled blaze, part of staff training for Farm and Cooking Staff in collaboration with Huay-Sai Subdistrict Administrative Organization.

In order to have the skills and knowledge needed in the event of a fire when working with students in either the Cooking Academy or during jungle cooking activities on the farm, staff were trained in the safe way to manage an exploding gas tank, cooking oil catching alight,  or other unexpected fire using the appliances that hang in their learning spaces. While we hope the experience will not be repeated for real, everyone appreciated being able to try out working the fire extinguisher and learning how to calmly manage a fire situation. Staff now feel that they are better equipped to manage such an emergency should it arise  and keep students safe at the same time.


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