Field trip to Pun Pun farm

Last Friday we went on a field trip to Pun Pun Organic farm. Pun Pun is a self-sufficiency community in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai. Pun Pun is a small organic farm and learning centre where they practice sustainable living through seed saving, natural building and appropriate technology.

What we did on our field trip


We enjoyed the field trip and we had a very good experience there. In the morning, the Lions learned about species of plants and seed saving. They also saved dry long bean and wing bean seeds.

The Tigers harvested vegetables and made fresh spring rolls.

At lunchtime we had time to relax and ate a very good vegetarian lunch from farm.

In the afternoon, the Lions harvested fruits, passion fruits, lemons and mint, and made fresh juice and the Tigers learned about seed saving, saved dry long bean seeds.

We did many activities about how to keep seeds, make organic food and how to build houses with the mud bricks. It was a fantastic experience for us, we felt we can grow the plants without chemical things. Also the weather was great. Especially, the atmosphere of farm was very fresh in the morning, but it was a bit hot in the afternoon, nevertheless we just enjoyed it.

The most special part for us was collecting fresh vegetables and make spring rolls. We collected very fresh organic vegetables, washed and separated them in the different kinds and the teacher brought a special peanut sauce. Finally, we gathered the vegetables on our rice paper, rolled them up and dipped them into the special sauce. The taste was amazing. We appreciated the farmers, and we all want to go there again.


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