Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs

Prem Tinsulanonda International School welcomes enquiries from prospective students of all ages and nationalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

Both Prem and IEP accept applications up to two years prior to the date of entry.

Is there a deadline for application?

To accommodate our international families we have an open admissions timeline with ongoing enrolment and will accept applications throughout the year.

What is the waiting list?

There are times when we do not have enough spaces to accommodate all qualified applicants. Qualified applicants will be offered a place on the waiting list and will be considered for admission if a space becomes available. When offering places to students in the wait list, the admissions committee considers a number of elements. Preference is given to siblings, and other factors such as English Language ability and class composition are taken into account.

Does my child have to join Prem on a specific date?

From grades EY1 to 10, your children can usually start school at any time. However, for our younger children, entry into term 4 is at the discretion of the Junior School Principal and Head of School who will advise on a suitable entry point to ensure the best transition for your child. The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) and IB Career-related Programme (IBCP) are two year programmes running through grades 11 and 12. We strongly encourage our grade 11 students to begin the school year in August.

What is your school calendar?

Our school academic year begins in mid-August and ends in mid-June of the following year. It is divided into 4 terms (2 semesters). Please click to see the current school calendar.

What is the school uniform?

All children at Prem and IEP wear a school uniform. We have a Uniform shop on campus and recommend that you order your childs uniform in advance.

Grade 12 students do not wear a uniform but are expected to wear ‘business’ attire.

Does Prem offer learning support?

Prem is able to support students with mild learning differences, but we are not equipped or staffed to educate students with severe learning or physical disabilities. Children with minor learning or physical disabilities may be admitted if we determine that the differences can be accommodated in the regular classroom setting with our existing learning support programmes, and if our environment is deemed to be the right fit for the student.

Should significant social/emotional issues or learning differences become apparent following enrollment in the school, we will consult with parents and strive to support the student within the extent of our resources and capabilities. However, we reserve the right to review a student’s progress. If we determine that we are unable to accommodate a student’s special needs, we will endeavor to direct parents to more suitable options in the best interest of the student.

Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend Prem?

No. Many of our children are not fluent in English when they arrive and our teachers and our students are skilled in making them feel at home. As an international school, Prem students represent more than 30 different nationalities. To support this international population, we offer English language support programs for eligible students. By grades 9 and 10, the expectation is that students will be fluent in English.

English is the language of instruction in all year levels and it is important that students are able to successfully access the curriculum within our available English language support resources. We may therefore limit the number of students requiring English language support in each grade level to ensure they have access to needed services and that strong English language standards are maintained throughout the school.

Does Prem have transportation services?

Yes. Our Transport Department runs a fleet of modern air-conditioned minivans which have retractable seat belts and a bus supervisor. Service is door-to-door for all students before school and immediately after school with additional vans provided to cater for students involved in after school activities (Exploria). Further information can be found on our School Fees document.

Is Prem a safe, virus free boarding school?

Prem is exemplary in its response to the current coronavirus crisis. Through proactive, informed and science based leadership decisions our campus has been a model of how to cope with the global crisis.

During these unusual times it is normal for parents to look for the safest environment for their child, and Prem is a great choice, even for short term boarding solutions. Please contact our Admissions Office to discuss your particular needs.