F.P.A stands for Frog Protection Agency.

The F.P.A started one afternoon when Benjamin and Samantha were walking around after Exploria and they found a pond near the third-grade class which was inhabited by thousands of tadpoles. The next day Benjamin told Ben and Matthew about the tadpoles and they thought it was a brilliant idea to make a group to save these critters since the pond was beginning to dry up. This means that without a safe home the tadpoles would die.  Ben thought that the group should be called the F.P.A – Frog Protection Agency!

The boys told A.Katie and she told the class.  The group grew bigger.  At the 5th Grade assembly, Ben and Terry announced to the Junior School about the F.P.A and it got even bigger than ever with everyone enthusiastically trying to help.

Following, the F.P.A had put up signs around the pond but the water was still evaporating rapidly.  A.Katie took action. She collected all the tadpoles with help from Oc and Charlotte. The tadpoles are now in the 3rd-grade classroom safe and sound.

Now we are trying to solve the problem of where to put them but we are not sure where is the best place yet. It’s hard to decide because we learned that they are indicator species which means that they are very sensitive. They breathe through their skin which means they must be in a healthy environment and they can be eaten by many things.

Our plan is to find a good place for them to live, save all other tadpoles in danger and educate people in our community about tadpoles and frog species.

We hope that you would like to join the F.P.A. Anyone can join the F.P.A at any time. Currently, we have more than 31 members from Gr 1 to Gr 5.

Let’s make a difference!

Thank you.

Authors: Samantha and Benjamin
Editor: Summer
Photographers: Terry and Cha

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