EY3 field trip to Mae Rim market

EY3 visited the Mae Rim market today with shopping lists in hand. The children were split into two groups, Team Smoothie and Team Pumpkin Soup. The groups were on a hunt for the ingredients to make fruit smoothies and pumpkin soup.

Connecting with our Seed to Table unit (How We Organize Ourselves) the children inquired into how we make some of our favorite foods. They researched recipes and shared their knowledge with one another before the trip. From that, they created shopping lists with each ingredient for the recipes. While at the market, the children worked in their teams to find each ingredient and demonstrated responsibility with their money. They were great communicators as they asked for the prices and the quantity. EY3 also made sure to show kindness to everyone at the market.

As we left the market, we noticed that there were many trucks parked outside. This led us to wonder about how the fruits, vegetables, and meats get to the market. We will continue to investigate the process that food goes through before we eat it in the coming weeks.

We are excited to begin cooking with everything we bought today!