Extended Essay Preparation Days

The Grade 11 students have spent June 13-15 focusing on preparing to write their Extended Essays over the summer holidays. The Extended Essay a research paper with a maximum of 4000 words and is a requirement of the IBDP Full Diploma. With a strong Extended Essay, the students can earn additional points towards their Diploma.

During this week students have mostly worked independently to further develop their research and writing plans, reviewed the mark scheme and reflected on the process which is also a key component of the final mark for this piece of work. They also met at least once with their Extended Essay supervisors. They were supported in sessions led by a variety of teachers about how to set up and format their documents, bibliography and citation sessions, writing questionnaires, and developing summer plans. Thanks to A. Simon, A. Emma, A. Chrissy, and A. Beth in developing and supporting these sessions.

Diploma courses students also were off timetable during these days and they had the opportunity to share interviews that they had developed as a part of their PPS course with the Grade 10 students trialing the CP programme, and to work on university personal statements.

All teachers look forward to seeing the first drafts of the Extended Essays on the August 21st due date.

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