Exploring the Pathway Forward for Creativity at Prem

Last week was the second and final week of our consultancy and reflective evaluation with creative and cultural education expert, Jane Bryant. Looking at our approach and next steps for ‘education for creativity’ at Prem, Bryant had numerous conversations with students, teachers, and senior leadership team members, all of whom have provided valuable insights into the current state of ‘education for creativity’ in the school. These conversations have been rich and informative, with staff and students sharing their experiences and ideas for how creativity can be integrated more fully into the curriculum, with a particular focus on planning, teaching and assessment.

Bryant’s extensive experience and expertise in arts and creative education have been invaluable in shaping the report that will emerge from this consultancy. Her insights and recommendations will inform policies and actions that will help to ensure that this core part of Prem’s identity continues to evolve and flourish post-Covid.

Jane’s return to Prem and her interest in supporting us in this process was due, in large part, to our stated commitment to provide our students with a well-rounded education that fosters creativity, innovation, and imagination. By working closely with Bryant and drawing on the ideas of Sir Ken Robinson, we are taking positive steps to move creativity programs and initiatives forward in the post-pandemic era.

We are excited, over time, to see the impact of these efforts on our students’ lives and look forward to the developments that will come from this process. We believe that by continuing to prioritise creativity and innovation in contemporary education, we can help to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future and ensure that approaches, projects and initiatives born at Prem continue to inform best practice within international education.



Alex Soulsby

Creative Director

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