Exploria Session 2, Sign Ups coming soon!

Now we have started term 2 it is time for the next session of Exploria at Prem. Hopefully, all parents, guardians and students have now gotten used to our new SchoolsBuddy software system and we can look forward to a smooth sign up process next week. The timeline for sign ups and Exploria Session will be as follows:

Monday 29 October: The provisional list of Exploria and CMAC Sports for session/season 2 will be sent out.
Tuesday 30 October, 6 pm: Exploria Session 2 Sign Ups Start: SchoolBuddy will become active at this time.
Friday 2 November: Exploria Session 2 Sign Ups End
Monday, November 5: Exploria Session 2 Starts
Saturday-Sunday 9/10 November: Join Requests are reopened

As we are now used to the software we will only allow Exploria to be added during the official sign up periods and when Join requests are reopened.

If you have any questions please contact the Exploria Team at [email protected]