Exploria and Prem Panthers Session/Season 2: Coming Soon

As Exploria session one comes to an end and the last of the Prem Panthers season one tournaments will take place next week (JV and Varsity Football), we are gearing up for Exploria and Prem Panthers Session/Season 2. Session/Season 2 will run from November to February (See exact dates below) and will consist of ten weeks of activities. Here are some changes and additions we can look forward to:
  • Exploria has had a slight time change with the second hour now being from 4:20-5:20pm. This will give our students 5 minutes transition time to get from their first hour Exploria to the second hour.
  • We have an increase in service and student-led Exploria, with some of these Exploria now taking place at lunch time.
  • An increased balance so our students can now enjoy as many Exploria and teams as possible.
  • VSP and Traidhos camps along with A. Kat joining our Cub Scouts team so we can give a great experience to our JS Cub Scouts.
Our Season 2 Prem Panthers sports teams include U8/10/12/14 football, JV and Varsity basketball, Senior Cross Country, Junior Track and Field along with the Prem Cricket Team.
Please look out for the emails with all the brochures and sign up information. Below is a timeline for Session/Season 2 sign ups:
  • Exploria Session 2 Sign Ups: Tuesday, October 29 @ 6 pm – Friday, November 1 @ 6pm

  • Exploria Session 2 Starts: Monday, November 4, 2019

  • Exploria Session 2 Ends: Friday, February 7, 2020

  • Join Requests reopened: Saturday, November 9 @ 12pm – Sunday, November 10 @ 6pm


Lee Stevens

Director of Athletics & Activities

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