Eventful Weekend

It was Sunday once again and our boarders were just a few hours away from attending class first thing Monday morning. Most people tend to dread Sundays as it marks the end of yet another weekend. One can even say that the weekend went and came with the blink of an eye.

Everyone had something great to look forward to this past weekend. For our full-time boarding students, there were trips on Saturday. Students were able to visit Central Airport Plaza or head over to Maya Shopping center for a few hours.  The students enjoyed walking through the night market outside, where there were food stands to cater for everyone's taste. Even the staff who supervised the trip found some time to also enjoy walking through THINK PARK, and venue for families to gather and enjoy music, food, and entertainment.

On Sunday, junior students woke to a nice surprise: A brand new trampoline in their backyard!

Both junior boys and girls rushed to get onto the trampoline to have some fun jumping around. If students could have their way, they probably would have stayed playing on the trampoline for hours on end. Even when the rain started to come down in the afternoon, junior students still wanted to stick around and play on the trampoline. This new boarding purchase was so popular that news about it made its way to senior students.  The staff shared with senior students that they should bring up the idea of purchasing their own trampoline during the Student Council meeting taking place on Thursday, September 8th at 8:30pm in the Boarding Lounge.

Lastly, The Jam Session this Sunday took an interesting turn of events with Mike (husband of Roxanne, our new Admissions Director) playing the guitar for our students and entertaining them throughout the evening. A. Kathryn surprised us all ! Who knew she had such a lovely voice! With her wild curly hair, she reminded us of Beyoncé as she sang one of the singers famous songs. It was awesome to also see students come up in front of the crowd to showcase their singing and rapping abilities. Although there was no music system, everyone who stepped into The Jam Session enjoyed the performances of the evening.

The weekend activities are always something to look forward to after a busy week of studies and work. Students will have to wait and see what Prem boarding has in store for them next weekend!

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